NDS Is A "Phenomenal Opportunity" For New Directors Everywhere To Expose Their Motion Pictures Storytelling Talents

SHOOT is pleased to announce that SHOOT's 16th annual worldwide search to discover the best up-and-coming directors -- who, based on their initial work, show promise to soon make major positive contributions to advertising and/or entertainment in its traditional and emerging forms -- is OPEN!. This global search is conducted by SHOOT's editorial staff with input from agency and studio creatives & heads of production, as well as commercial and entertainment production company heads and established directors. 

About The New Directors Showcase Screening, Editorial Coverage & Showcase Reel
SHOOT editors will review and select the 25-30 best pieces of “work” to be featured on SHOOT’s 2018 New Directors Showcase Reel that will be screened for an audience of 400+ advertising & entertainment production decision-makers at SHOOT’s 2018 Annual New Directors Showcase Event at the DGA (Directors Guild of America) Theater in May (date TBA) 2018, in New York City, immediately following The SHOOT Directors/Producers Forum.  The Showcase Directors are invited to attend and all who do will be asked to stand up from the audience while their name is announced.  Six of the directors will be invited to appear on the panel discussion before or after the screening.  All the directors chosen for the reel will be profiled in SHOOT’s May/June issue (profiles also appear in PDF version of the issue, in The SHOOT>e.dition and on SHOOTonline.) In addition to SHOOT's readers around the globe seeing the profiles, the issue will be given to guests at the May event. After the event (Directors/Producers Forum, New Directors Showcase screening, Panel Discussion and After party) SHOOT will provide coverage and photos from the day and evening programs on SHOOTonline and in the SHOOT Dailies, Brand New[s], a Special issue of Screenwork and the SHOOT>e.dition, and the New Directors Showcase Reel will be posted on SHOOTonline.com for the worldwide motion picture production community - advertising and entertainment - to view. The selected directors' chosen work receives an enormous amount of career-building exposure!

Each and every year since inception, SHOOT's New Directors Showcase Delivers. New Directors receive enormous career-building exposure! Here's a sampling of what some past SHOOT New Directors Showcase directors have said about their New Directors Showcase experience...

“The SHOOT new director’s showcase offers directors a platform to be championed. It was incredible to be awarded the opportunity to stand-out amongst my talented colleagues and participate as a fresh new visionary within the industry. I’ve could have never imagined the doors that the showcase would open and am forever grateful to have SHOOT in my corner as my career continues to flourish." -- Jenn Shaw, 2017 New Director

"The SHOOT New Directors Showcase is an essential curatorial filter in the very saturated world of aspiring directors, and a sign that you’re not a hack headed in the wrong direction. Being a part of it changed my life, and validated all my efforts. I received the email about my inclusion on my birthday, prompting me to throw caution to the wind and eat another slice of cake." -- Kiran Koshy, 2017 New Director 

"As a cinematographer for the past 20 years, I have attended the SHOOT NDS as one of my favorite industry events every year, and have had several projects I shot be featured in the showcase over the years.  So to be selected and take the stage at the DGA as a New Director was a dream come true.  It was great exposure that has garnered a lot of interest in me and where my career is headed, and opened the door to new relationships with several new production companies." -- Jendra Jarnagin, 2017 New Director, Floating Camera

"The SHOOT New Directors Showcase celebrates the on-going evolution in visual storytelling, in both the short and long forms.  I can't think of any other event where a curated selection of top commercials, documentaries, and narrative movies from around the world collide on the big screen.  To have one's work selected for the DGA-staged event is a major stamp of approval.  Directors are introduced to top commercial reps and agencies, among other production entities.  To have been selected as a New Director for my work on "Floyd Norman:  An Animated Life" was an absolute honor that also injected the documentary with early PR buzz." -- Michael Fiore, 2016 New Director, Michael Fiore Films

"The SHOOT New Directors Showcase offers so much more than just validation of directorial talent. It was great exposure to showcase our work. The work is so inspiring, and so diverse. I loved meeting the various directors in the showcase. I can't think of another showcase reel that can match its broad range in subject matter, style, approach and tone." -- Sonejuhi Sinha, 2016 New Director

"SHOOT has created an amazing platform to showcase the work of some of the world's most talented emerging directors and it was an honor to be included in SHOOT'S 2015 New Director's Showcase. As an up and coming director, working both in commercial and features, SHOOT provided me with an extraordinary opportunity to share my work with leading industry professionals. This opportunity extended from an amazing night hosted at the DGA theater to continued press after the event. I am honored to be named one of SHOOT's New Directors as it is a title that does not get overlooked by the industry." -- Joe Pernice, 2015 New Director

"Having previously directed independent films, the SHOOT New Directors Showcase provided a rare opportunity to introduce my work to key players in the commercial world. SHOOT’s stamp of approval helped me to connect with production companies, agencies, and directors reps, and I’m excited to say that I’ve since been hired for several directing assignments." --  Erin Li, 2015 New Director

"The SHOOT New Directors Showcase was a phenomenal opportunity, and has been a huge force in launching my career.  It opened doors to me with some of the best production houses, agencies, and creatives in the industry, and did an amazing job of bringing all these people together under one roof.  The panel speakers were amazing, giving their insight into the rapidly changing nature of the advertising and entertainment world.  It's a refreshing, inspiring look into the next wave of filmmakers that I'm honored to be a part of." -- Aaron Kodz, 2014 New Directors Showcase 

"SHOOT Magazine provided me with a fabulous platform in the New Director's Showcase to show my work.   The event itself had inspiring speakers with wonderful insight on their particular expertise in the filmmaking world.  It's a terrific way to meet a significant amount of talented people all under one roof who give their time in a thoughtful manner." --  Michele Atkins, 2013 New Director, Kaboom Productions

"The SHOOT New Directors Showcase offers so much more than just validation of directorial talent.  I met some incredible industry professionals...the whole place is buzzing, the work is so inspiring, and you walk away feeling like a major milestone has been reached. What surprised me the most was the variety of directors--male, female, international, American, young, and old. The same goes for the work. I can't think of another showcase reel that can match its broad range in cinematography, subject matter, and tone."  -- Martin Rodahl, 2012 New Director, 71 Degrees North

"Being included in the SHOOT New Director Showcase was absolutely brilliant for me, as it tempted the smart people I did not know, but desperately wanted to see my film, into watching it!  As a result, I met m”any of the owners and execs of the production companies I admire.” --    Elizabeth Orne, 2011 New Directors Showcase

"Being included in SHOOT Magazine's New Directors Showcase was quite an honor!  It gave me great exposure, opened a lot of doors and eventually lead me to a home with kaboom."  -- Matt Fackrell, 2011 New Directors Showcase, Wondros (part of directing duo Men)

"It was quite an honor to be selected to participate in the 2010 SHOOT New Directors Showcase.  I am especially humbled to join the ranks of the super creative and innovative directors with whom I share this special honor.  Being selected for the showcase affirmed for me the value of my determined effort to create work that's not just "good enough", but better than anyone imagined. Thanks for the shot in the arm, SHOOT! --  Varda Bar-kar, 2010 New Directors Showcase

"Being included in SHOOT's New Directors Showcase is one of those great touchstones.  Besides the breadth of industry exposure only SHOOT can provide, it provides a very real increase in offers for work as well as the validation that you're doing something right.  I will always count it as a big moment in my career." --  Kevin Kerwin, 2009 New Directors Showcase, Authentic Films

"There are many wonderful phone calls one can receive in life. But I have to say, few feel as good as, 'Hello, you've just been included in SHOOT's New Directors Showcase.' Like the chicken and the egg, I'm still not sure which came first: getting to direct good scripts or getting into SHOOT's New Directors Showcase." --  Harold Einstein, 2008 New Directors Showcase, Dummy

"As directors, we are continually inspired by the imagination of our peers.  SHOOT Magazine does a fantastic job of filling our brains with the most exciting, creative ideas of the day and it's New Director's Showcase is no exception.  We were thrilled and honored to be included in such a highly talented event.  It was almost like telling our Grandmother we had won an academy award... or two."  --  Jason & Matt Docter, DOCTER TWINS, 2008 New Directors Showcase,  

"I have read SHOOT for many years, and being included in the 2007 New Director's Showcase was truly an honor. SHOOT consistently has an eye out for fresh and exciting new talent, and this Showcase does not disappoint. This is one of the finest new talent presentations in our business."  -- Nir Bashan, 2007 New Directors Showcase 

"I was honored to be to be included with other new directors in the 2005 showcase. It's always invigorating to see new work and exchange ideas. The showcase is an ideal opportunity for new directors, industry leaders and agency producers to come together for the first time." --  Harry Cocciolo, 2005 New Directors Showcase, Bob Industries

SHOOT's NDS Shines A Bright Light on Up-And Coming Directorial Talent
Indeed SHOOT's New Directors Showcase has identified many leading artisans over the years, including one who went on to earn a DGA Award nomination as best commercial director of the year, and assorted others who have won industry accolades, including Gold Lions at Cannes as well as AICP Show honors.

Most importantly, Showcase inclusion has helped numerous directors gain production house affiliations.

Here's a sampling... 

SHOOT’s second annual New Directors Showcase in 2004 included Elliott Lester who has gone on to an accomplished career, including helming HBO’s telefilm “Nightingale,” a one-character drama starring David Oyelowo as Peter Snowden, an emotionally damaged war veteran whose life unravels before us. Nightingale is an HBO Films presentation in association with Brad Pitts’ Plan B Entertainment.

Our 2004 Showcase included Ted Melfi on the strength of "Pizza Guys,"  a MTV spec spot he directed. Melfi has since gone on to establish himself in commercials and most recently as a feature filmmaker, making his theatrical movie debut at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival with the tug-at-the-heartstrings comedy "St. Vincent." His second film, the acclaimed 2016 "Hidden Figures," has him squarely in this award season's Oscar conversation. Melfi is a founding partner of production house brother, which he teamed with executive producer Rich Carter to launch in 2014.

The 2013 film “Oblivion” starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman was directed by Joseph Kosinski who eight years earlier was in our 3rd annual 2005 New Directors Showcase. Joseph is now with Reset, the production company launched by David Fincher and Dave Morrison. 

The 2005 New Directors Showcase also included director David Gray--at the time was a noted agency creative who had signed with Hungry Man to pursue a full-time directing career. Two years later, while still at Hungry Man, David was at the DGA Awards ceremony in Los Angeles as a nominee for Best Commercial Director of 2006. David is now with Station Film.

Earning a slot in the 2006 New Directors Showcase was the Terri Timely duo (Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey), now with Park Pictures. Terri Timely directed Geico's "Unskippable: Family" pre-roll ad which in 2015 garnered The Martin Agency its first ever Cannes Grand Prix honor.

Keith Schofield earned inclusion into SHOOT's 2008 6th Annual Showcase. Four years later, his "The Bark Side" for Volkswagen out of Deutsch LA garnered a primetime commercial Emmy nomination. Schofield is with Caviar Content.

Also in that 2008 Showcase was Keith Bearden. Two years later he saw his feature film directing debut, "Meet Monica Velour," make its worldwide premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. "Meet Monica Velour" was one of just 14 films chosen for Tribeca's Encounters section, offering original movies that reflect pop culture and contemporary issues.

Another 2008 Showcase helmer was Harold Einstein of Station who shortly thereafter saw three Crest toothpaste spots he directed for Saatchi NY earn a Gold Lion in the Campaign category at Cannes. Harold launched his own production company, Dummy.  

Pete Circuitt of The Ebeling Group, another '08 Showcase inductee, went on to direct CBS-TV's half-hour primetime Xmas special "Yes Virginia" for Macy's and JWT NY, which ended up winning a One Show Entertainment Awards Gold Pencil.

In 2010, Ross Katz won the DGA Award for outstanding achievement in movies for TV/miniseries on the strength of his HBO film "Taking Chance," the same film which garnered him inclusion in SHOOT's '09 7th Annual New Directors Showcase.  

Your Work on SHOOT's website in a special NDS micro site
See the directors' work that was chosen for last years showcase event on SHOOT's 2017 New Directors Web Reel. The helmers selected for the Showcase come from diverse backgrounds. Some first established themselves on the agency side of the business, while others were DPs, feature filmmakers or film students. One bond the directors share is great style and vision, whether it be reflected in comedy, visuals or storytelling. (Check it out from last year: http://NDS.SHOOTonline.com)

Get your own web page for minimum of 3 years on SHOOT's website at nds.SHOOTonline.com
In the 2017 New Directors Web Reel Directors Page, each director reveals how he or she got into the business, as well as his or her aspirations. Included are credits for the work that was screened in May 2017 during SHOOT's 15th Annual New Directors Showcase event at the DGA Theatre in NYC. (Check it out from last year: https://SHOOTonline.com/nds/new-directors/profiles)

It could be a big step towards being noticed by the companies that can represent you and the studios, networks, and agency creatives and producers that can hire you. Here's some of the companies who's owners, CEOs, vice presidents, broadcast & content managers, network executive and agency producers, creative directors, entrepreneurs, directors, editors, VFX artists, music editors, copywriters, actors, and other motion picture industry managers &  talents. registered & attended last years event at the DGA in NYC:

A:D Talent Management
Already Alive
American Express
Analogue Muse
Anarchy International
ANU Entertainment
Arnold NYC
Assembly/MacGuffin Films
BCJ Films
Big Block
Bird Bonnette & Stauderman
Blake + Company
Bloomberg LP
Blue Barn Pictures, Inc.
Breaker Films
Calvin Klein
CAPS Payroll
Carolyn Reps
Cena Entertainment
Chelsea Pictures
Click 3X
Company 3
Cooley LLP
Corbis Entertainment
Crew Cuts
Darling Agency
Dekabes Films
Della Femina
Deluxe Entertainment
Digitas Health
Directors Guild of America
Don't Panic Productions
Double Wide Media
Erica Palgon Casting
Erin Li Films
Eye Candy Edit
Ezell Media
Fancy Content

Fluid NY
Fortuna Entertainment
Frankfurt Kurnit
Gardner Nelson + Partners
Get Kinetic
Go East Films
Goodstory Films
Greener Media
Groove Guild
Hardtryer Entertainment
Heard City
hello tomorrow
Hungry Man
Hybrid Edit
Ian London Productions
Kids at Play Media
KRANKY Kontent
Lew & Co.
Light Iron
Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Loxley Pictures
Lyons Trail Communications
MacGuffin Films
Mad Monk
Make TV Productions
Marcato Inc.
Marineo Pictures
Marro Associates/SMP
Media 3 Communications
Mister :-| Face
Moondog Films
Mother West
MRB Productions
NBC Sports
NeeD Financial Services
Nice Shoes
NLP Productions
NYU Graduate Film Program
Ogilvy & Mather
Ogilvy NY
ONE At Optimus
Palace Digital
Palace Productions

Perez Bros
Pollock Spark
Pop Fim Inc.
POP Sound
Producers Guild of America
Publicis Healthcare
Publicis Kaplan Thaler
Pure Growth
Radioaktive Film
Ruth A. Gutman Productions
Saatchi & Saatchi
Saint James Studios
Silberman Productions
Silver Spoon
Sky Over Productions LLC
Skyframe Pictures
Smoke & Mirrors
Solano Media
Southwest Productions
Spitfire Films
Spy Films
Suffolk County Film Commission
Sunflower Entertainment Co
SuperPowers NYC
Syncro Services, Inc.
Synthetic Pictures
The Colony
The Drafting Board
The Emmer Group
The Field
The Firchow Company
The IHA Inc.
The In-House Agency Inc.
The Madison Square Garden Co.
The Mill
The Shed
The TEAM Companies
The Weinstein Company
United Nations
Unleaded Music
Warner Brothers
Weber Shandwick