Auctiv. The Only Protection Needed.

Sal had been good friends and surf buddies with John Balk, one of the founders of Auctiv Sunscreen, a California-based brand that produces a line of organic sunscreen that’s made entirely in the USA out of only four natural ingredients. Auctiv believes in an active, healthy, and nature-immersed lifestyle. She and John wanted to collaborate on a project; Sal created the spot "The Only Protection Needed."

The concept originated from beautiful underwater photography shot on the North Shore in Hawaii. Knowing that southern California water isn't quite the same as their crystal clear, tropical counterpart, Sal decided to embrace the murkiness, which made sense because all three founders of Auctiv were California surfers. This was the type of water they grew up in. The idea is to showcase all of the chaos that happens underwater, as well as how small we humans are compared to the ocean. Despite the sometimes scary conditions, the only protection needed would be your Auctiv Sunscreen.

Sal wanted to literally be in the water filming, so she started to practice her breath holds and CO2 tables while everyone waited for a swell to arrive. Once the swell hit, Sal spent four days with a fellow surf photographer getting pummeled by waves, honing in the gear and trying to get shots. A large portion of the footage is her in the "washing machine ocean" twisting around before she comes up for air, hooting with relief. She and the team had scheduled a specific day with several sponsored surfer "groms" who couldn't wait to get into the water, and didn't want to get out. As luck would have it, the surf was great, the weather was clear, and everyone had a great time, all protected with their Auctiv Sunscreen.