The New Yorker's "The Right Question Changes Everything"

The New Yorker's "The Right Question Changes Everything"
by Dave Maruchniak
The New Yorker / CNX Condé Nast

“The Right Question”: Dave Maruchniak directed this stunning 60 seconds new animated spot for The New Yorker, which incorporates black-and-white 2D and 3D elements, procedural animation and real-life testimonials from the victims of Harvey Weinstein in an impassioned call for activist journalism.
To mark The New Yorker’s 95th anniversary, Condé Nast launched an advertising campaign that celebrates some of the magazine’s most important and engaging writing. They scrubbed the archive for stories that exemplify the theme of the campaign: “The Right Question Changes Everything.”
This animation presented the campaign and was displayed on the The New Yorker Website landing page.

This campaign features stories that take on complex, essential and surprising questions. Questions that reframe and change the world around us. These questions have offered new perspectives and ideas on everything from technology to culture and have led to some of our most memorable and significant work.

The New Yorker learned that truly revelatory work starts with a surprising question — one that reframes how we see the world. These questions have exposed secrets and brought down wrongdoers. They’ve changed our understanding of politics and art, of our families and our society, even of life and death.