Tanzania Tourism Board's "The Soul of Africa" (commercial)

“The Soul of Africa” was shot over one month across the country of Tanzania, including the island of Zanzibar. This :60 spot was commissioned to attract Western tourism from the US and UK. Justin used a mix of shooting styles including Heavy Lift RC aerials flying the Red Epic with 5K footage capture and 1,000 fps out of the Phantom 4K Flex. He shot on the ground and out the side of an A-Star helicopter. Along with MoVi handheld, he utilized a mix of visual styles showcasing a beautiful and proud people, surrounded by their vast, pristine land. 6 & 5K image capture for 4K master allowed for complete control over post image stabilization without image denigration. Dedicated to authentic sights and sounds, a full side-by stereo sound mix was recorded on each location, adding geo specific wildlife sound effects, as well as indigenous songs and language. All of these elements built out the layered mix that plays in the finished piece. Shipley was the Director / DP / Editor / Writer.