A Ticket to Visit Mum

A Ticket to Visit Mum: a video that tugs the heartstrings of ex-pats, encouraging them to come home.
British Airways’ A Ticket to Visit Mum was borne from our client’s business problem: although they had great service to India, with many culturally thoughtful amenities, they were still perceived as disconnected to Indian values by many ex-pats.
So, we simply invited them to come home and visit their mums—via British Airways.
This short web documentary tells the touching story of a mother and son, separated by half a world—and a surprise they’ll never forget. Interspersed are gorgeous, high speed shots of local Mumbai that would touch the homesick hearts of all Indian expats.
We released it only online, with no initial paid media. Since its upload, the video has reached more than 900,000 YouTube views, and mentions on Creativity Online, The Huffington Post, The New York Daily News, and other media outlets.