Tribit - Unleash the True Sound

Tribit decided they need a fun and effective video for their bluetooth speaker. Competing against brands like Bose, JBL and more, Tribit wanted to create a commercial that would tell a relatable and powerful narrative, and convey a fun, engaging experience. They asked me to pitch a concept that would create the feel that your world transforms once you use Tribit's bluetooth speaker. The idea was to use the product in the story as the device that transforms the character's world. It was important that there's a strong hook that makes you want to watch it until the end. The funnest part of the video was to create the seamless transition from the protagonist dancing in his room during the day, to have the wall fall revealing he is now at a rooftop party at night. That transition is important for the character development and achievement. The protagonist goes an extra step in his journey - at first he couldn't dance, then the product gets him to dance like a pro, and finally he dances like a pro where he most wanted to - in front of people, showing off his skills, and now owning his craft.