Based off novel The Bedhead by Jennifer Grahame, “UNSPOKEN,” explores the lives of Caroline and her
maid Icy; bound and burdened by duty. The undertones in the story are about two women connected by
circumstance. Living untold truths and heartbreak.


Two sisters, connected with their engraved necklaces, reminisce on their last road trip before they parted ways to begin a new chapter of life on their own.

What If

The film was an exploration of what we would discover if we broke every rule we were given as children. Redefining our way of viewing the world around us and the one life we’re given.


Donald has a deadline. Donald can't focus. His aloof roommate is driving him insane. What happens when the pressure builds to be too much??


'Jugendelexier' is an online ad for the German drinks company, Ahoj-Brause. The film combines rich colours and textures with sensitive casting and authentic performance to explore the intricacies of youth culture in Germany. Here, Ahoj-Brause is placed at the heart of youth experience, where everyday is an adventure holding beauty waiting to be discovered and revealed.

Silk City

Set in Paterson NJ, the film Silk City tells the story of an abandoned factory and the ghosts within on the night before it is set to be demolished.

Rock Cowboys

ROCK COWBOYS is a short film directed by Graham Mason. The video mixes stop-motion miniature sets with digital animation.

The audio for the short was sourced from a variety of youtube videos, documentaries, and local news interviews with real-life cowboys.

The short was inspired by the Erroll Morris film VERNON, FLORIDA and the Aardman animated short CREATURE COMFORTS (which was also created using documentary audio).