Amazon - Recruitment - Director's Cut

I went into this spot not knowing how it would feel to be in a fulfillment center, to pull back the curtain and see what really goes on at Amazon. But after days of interviewing countless of employees on the spot, I was left feeling inspired by the opportunities to highlight the outlook they had on their jobs and the benefits they received. It was a last minute decision and outside of the creative brief to visit the home of an employee, but when I met D'Gregory I knew that we had to dig into who he was and his 'why' for working at Amazon.

Fort Irwin

Cristian arrives for his first day of work as an amputee actor at Fort Irwin, a military base in the California desert. For his new job, Cristian will act as if his legs have been destroyed by a bomb while wearing gory prosthetics as a part of soldiers’ training exercises. Cristian, an injured veteran himself, fights to transform his fear into a source of strength.

It's Not Pizza, It's Crust

Crust had a problem. Despite its gourmet offerings, it was still lumped together in the minds of Australians as ‘just another pizza joint.’ We had to reposition Crust and separate it from the other traditional, cheap pizza competitors. To do that, we brought Crust pizza to the birthplace of tradition: Naples, Italy. There, on the ground, we captured authentic reactions from passionate, pizza-loving Neapolitans plucked right off the streets as they tried Crust for the first time. Their genuine, honest reactions proved our point: that this isn’t pizza at all.

Gateway Film

GATEWAY, an award-winning film that presents the stories of three families inadvertently impacted by opioid addiction that began with a prescription to manage pain. The 40-minute documentary is presented by Choices Matter – a national movement designed to educate and empower patients to have proactive discussions with their clinicians about available non-opioid options for managing postsurgical pain. The film examines the opioid epidemic from a deeply personal lens.

Gender Gap

There are many Gender Gaps to close. Boyz is a series of PSAs highlighting the distinct ways men are disenfranchised compared to their female counterparts. We can't close these gaps without first acknowledging they're there.

We Do Not Live Here

We Do Not Live Here is a story about a woman named Kensey who left Honduras with the Migrant Caravan in hopes of being granted asylum in America. With her three kids, she traveled over 3,000 miles alone, and on foot. Kensey’s story highlights the hardships of refugee life, while humanizing a narrative we often only hear about through political attacks and newspaper headlines. While other refugee narratives tell a predominantly male story that focuses on the labor of the physical journey, Kensey's story focuses on the intimate and emotional details.

In The Campfire Light


Sexploitation in Hollywood is as old as the industry itself, but in our sound-bite obsessed culture, we've extracted the complexity of the plague in favour of a social-media-friendly tag and a simplistic imposition of what is perhaps our most favoured dialectic - "good vs. evil."