Jamie, an Asian-American teenager, struggles to carve a new home and identity for herself at her elite boarding school. After helping her crush avoid trouble, Jamie is finally invited to an exclusive after-hours party hosted by the popular boys in her class. Faced with an unforeseen event, Jamie is forced to confront the reality that belonging in their exclusive group has a price - her silence.

Danger Daisy

Ski Jumping was one of the original Olympic sports. However, it wasn't until the 2014 winter Olympics that women athletes were able to compete.

This motivational short shows the portrait of a young female athlete who grew up training in downhill ski jumping, seeing the shift from women athletes beginning to compete, to now advocating herself for the ability to compete on the same size hills as her male counterparts.


Founded in 1995 by Lola Lott, principal/CEO, and Jack Waldrip, senior editor, the company has become an industry leader. charlieuniformtango serves as a single source production solution. The company directs, produces, shoots, edits, scores, mixes, animates, designs, and provides color services, FX, and finishing for commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos, and digital content for clients worldwide.  


harvest is an award winning production company founded in the spring of 2001 by Executive Producer, Bonnie Goldfarb and Director, Baker Smith.  We are committed to great work, longstanding relationships, and an enduring sprit that will see us evolve through changing mediums. We are passionate about our imprint on this planet and work diligently to reduce our consumption and promote responsible production. Co-Founder/Executive Producer: bonnie goldfarb; Head of Production: Niko Whelan.

Directors Guild of America

In the 84 years since its founding in 1936, the Directors Guild of America has fought for the economic and creative rights of its members; protected their ability to financially benefit from the reuse of their work; established strong pension and health plans; and established jurisdiction in new technologies and distribution platforms.  Today the DGA represents 15,000 directors and members of the directorial team working in film, television, commercials and new media.