2015 Work

Myron and E
Director: Kamell Allaway
Sleep with Neil Patrick Harris
Director: Jonathan Augustavo
Powerbeats by Dre
Director: Robert Bianco
This Is It
Director: Alexander Engel
This American Life Videos 4 U: I Love You
Director: Bianca Giaever
Uncompromised Portrait: Ricky
Director: Christian Sorensen Hansen
Perceptions of Care: Louis Family
Director: Mai Iskander
Haagen-Dazs' "When You Know, You Know"
Director: Bennett Johnson
Kepler X-47
Director: Erin Li
The Conditioned
Director: Michael Marantz
Wounded Warrior Homes' "Backup" (PSA)
Director: Ed McCulloch
The Weigh In
Director: Perez Brothers
Director: Elen Santana
Tumble Dry Low (trailer)
Director: Jefferson Stein
Director: Paul Thomas
A New Man
Director: Hughes William Thompson
Night Light
Director: Jack Whiteley
Vlasic "Bad Pickle/Good Pickle" :30
Director: The Wolf Brothers
The Art of Listening
Director: Duncan Wolfe