2016 Work

"Respite" (short film)
Director: Ayse Altinok
Dupont’s “Dare Bigger Profiles: Gary Linden” (branded content)
Director: Emily Anderson
Fjallraven's "Family" (online video)
Director: Herman Asph
Organic Valley's "Happy Chickens" (showcase content )
Director: Marie Constantinesco
The UN Refugee Agency's "1.5 Million" (PSA)
Director: Marius Crowne
The North Face's "Cross Country Adventure" (branded content excerpt)
Director: Adam Donald
Spotify's "Music Everywhere" (spec spot)
Director: Jacqueline Dow
Concerning the Bodyguard (trailer for his short film)
Director: Kasra Farahani
United States Naval Academy's "Freedom" (short film)
Director: Patrick Finnegan
"Floyd Norman: An Animated Life" (excerpt from documentary)
Director: Michael Fiore and Erik Sharkey
InnovAge's "Tour" (commercial)
Director: Randal Ford
"Beyond This Place" (docu short)
Director: Charles Frank
Urban Beard's "Bartender" (online spot)
Director: Sean Frewer
"Sugar Plum" (docu short)
Director: Elle Ginter
"Tom's Dilemma" (excerpt from feature)
Director: Michael Gluckstern
"TRI" (excerpt from feature)
Director: Jai Jamison
Above the Influence's "Who Controls You" (PSA)
Director: Maris Jones
MINI's "Real Memories" (VR experience)
Director: Gevorg Karensky
Living Nutz's "Nut Allergy" (commercial)
Director: Brad Lubin
Nike's "Ousadia Alegria" (commercial)
Director: NORTON
Wrigley's Extra Gum's "A Second Chance" (branded documentary)
Director: Natalie Rae
Sara Charlton Foundation's "Twelve Days" (PSA)
Director: Zak Razvi
Derek Lam's "Silent St." (branded content)
Director: Celia Rowlson-Hall
Scott McFarnon's "Crazy Heart" (music video)
Director: Floyd Russ
Rogaine's "Bald Wingman-Interview with a Client" (branded content)
Director: Sean&Steve
Tanzania Tourism Board's "The Soul of Africa" (commercial)
Director: Justin Shipley
"The Birth of Saké" (excerpt from feature documentary)
Director: Erik Shirai
"Love Comes Later" (excerpt from short film)
Director: Sonejuhi Sinha
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority's "Cindy" (spec spot)
Director: Laura Somers
"Reverie" (short film)
Director: Alexander Thompson
Greenpeace's "Traveller" (PSA)
Director: Jason Van Bruggen
Booking.com "Wing Everything" (online film)
Director: Quentin van den Bossche
Barclaycard's "Ms. Harris" (online spot)
Director: Rachel Han Xu & Joshua Reis