2017 Work

Intel's "Drone 500" (web content)
Director: Sergio Abuja
"Epilogue" (short)
Director: Monica Brady
Bittersweet Foundation's "Love, Dad" (web content)
Director: Brandon Bray
Fiat's "Wingman" (spec spot)
Director: The Coles
"Carved in Mayhem" (short)
Director: Dan DiFelice
Apple's "Commander" (spec)
Director: Joel Dunn
Ford's "This Built America" (online series)
Director: Josh Franer
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation's "Lancets of Hope" (web video)
Director: David B. Godin
"The Laughing Man" (excerpt from short film)
Director: Diego Hallivis
Lincoln Driven to Care's "Meadows" (web content)
Director: Kat Keene Hogue
"First Chair" (short)
Director: Colleen Davie Janes
Canon's "Live Your Light" (commissioned film)
Director: Jendra Jarnagin
"The Foster Portfolio" (excerpt from short film)
Director: Danielle Katvan
Organic Doggie Treats, Inc.'s "Unsullied" (online spot)
Director: Kiran
Geena Davis Institute/Ford's "She's Got Drive" (web content)
Director: Yulin Kuang
Reebok's (Spain) "Burpee" (commercial)
Director: Marcus Kuhne
Brandon Maxwell’s Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign (excerpt from branded content)
Director: Brandon Maxwell and Jessy Price
Reese's Puff Cereal's "Bowling/Basketball" (commercial)
Director: Mccoy | Meyer
Iams' "Susan & Karma" (web short)
Director: Matthew Michaud
Adaptoys' "Play Without Limits" (web short)
Director: Charlie Mysak
CBC "Love Me" podcast's "The Complexity of Love, in 13 Untranslatable Words" (web short)
Director: Andrew Norton
Ad Council's "What's In Your Bag?" (web short)
Director: Kelly Nygaard
Lifetime Pictures' "Welcome to the Fempire" (web content)
Director: Anthony Pellino
Alicia Keys' "The Gospel" (excerpt from short film)
Director: A.V. Rockwell
"Point and Shoot" (short)
Director: Thomas Leisten Schneider
"Unattended Baggage: A Love Story" (short)
Director: Roberto Serrini
"$15 Kicks" (excerpt from film)
Director: Jenn Shaw
Kleenex's "A Caring Chorus" (online video)
Director: Carrie Stett
U.S. Marine Corps' "Dear Papa" (spec)
Director: Isaiah Taylor
Sphero’s “BB-8” campaign (compilation)
Director: Michael Wald
The Caron Foundation's "Hand in Hand" (public service short)
Director: Duncan Winecoff
Lufthansa's "The Colors of Home" (web content)
Director: Christine Yuan