2018 Work

Different this Year
Director: Meghann Artes
Leon - Believe in Us
Director: Cameron Busby
There Must Be More Light
Director: Erin Collett
Google Play for Pets (April Fool's Day Video)
Director: Andy Dulman
Director: Erica Eng
With Children
Director: Lissette Feliciano
Falling In Love
Director: Maja Fernqvist
Kit Kat, "Kinvisible"
Director: Matt Fisher
What I Wish You Said
Director: Tiffany Frances
Ted's Brain Science/Ted's Pain Cream "My Name Is Greg"
Director: Lan Freedman
Back to the 90s
Director: Ben Giroux
Dean Goes Surfing
Director: Caitlyn Greene
Keeping Cupid Busy
Director: Greg & Jacob
I Got This
Director: Jared Knecht
NIKE - "BE A BALLERina" (Spec Commercial)
Director: David Kobzantsev
Good Bones
Director: Anaïs La Rocca
Lez Bomb
Director: Jenna Laurenzo
C21 Restaurant
Director: Danielle Levitt
Amazon Echo - Worst Day Ever
Director: Justin Leyba
Minding The Gap
Director: Bing Liu
Live in Levi's
Director: Stewart Maclennan
Auctiv. The Only Protection Needed.
Director: Sallyanne Massimini
Team in Flight
Director: Nina Meredith
Director: Matteo J. Mosterts
ZT: Zero Tolerance
Director: Shaya Mulcahy
Kensho at the Bedfellow
Director: Brad Raider
The Man With A Coin
Director: Christian Schilling
Holy Night
Director: Casey Stein
Brothers of Climbing
Director: Duncan Sullivan
Airbnb 'Fort'
Director: Bartley Taylor
"Sun Ladies VR Film - Teaser
Director: Celine Tricart
Every Three Hours
Director: Brett Warkentien
Lisa Frankly "Smells Like a Girl"
Director: Emma Zakes Green