2019 New Directors Videos

"Requiem For Black Love" (trailer for his short film)
Director(s): Eric Almond
Director(s): Tayo Amos
When the Motor Stops (commercial)
Director(s): Zeke Anders
Betterhelp’s “Wanted” (commercial)
Director(s): Rebecca Applebaum
"M" (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Josh Banks
Blue Shield’s “Do You Hear Me?” (commercial)
Director(s): Amandla Baraka
Parity’s “Speed of Light” (promo video)
Director(s): Ilanna Barkusky
Harley Davidson’s “Bury the Noise” (commercial)
Director(s): Alec Basse
Reyka Vodka's "Made of Iceland"
Director(s): Henry Behel
Between the Pines
Director(s): Emma Bell
Director(s): Sage Bennett
RILEY (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Annie Bercy
"Cusp" (co-director; trailer for her feature documentary)
Director(s): Isabel Bethencourt
New York Festivals Advertising Awards’ “Judging Will Get You Heated” (promo video)
Director(s): Sheena Brady
WHITE EYES (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Jeffrey Brown
911 - End Family Fire
Director(s): Merlin Camozzi
We Do Not Live Here
Director(s): Rae Ceretto
"Guide On" (excerpt from her short film)
Director(s): Paige Compton
Images Med Spa's "So What?"
Director(s): Tyler Davis
"To the Girl That Looks Like Me" (short film)
Director(s): Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah
Oliver Peoples’ “Tournament 1987” (brand film)
Director(s): Eva Doležalová
Gray Ground
Director(s): Jess Dunn
Levi's "Beauty of Becoming" (branded content)
Director(s): Oge Egbuonu
The Innocence Project’s “Happiest Moments” (PSA)
Director(s): Ariel Ellis
Meta Quest 2's “Untethered” (spec spot)
Director(s): Taylor Ellis
Fort Irwin
Director(s): Quinn Else
The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation's "The Unspoken Curriculum" PSA
Director(s): Abraham Felix
Monster.com's "Stare" (spec commercial)
Director(s): Devon Ferguson
MeUndies' "Love Every Flaw" (spec commercial)
Director(s): Mario Garza
Gender Gap
Director(s): Jazeel Gayle
BALLOON BOY (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Alexander Gilbert
Tesla's "SpaceX" (spec commercial)
Director(s): Utsab Giri
Director(s): Danae Grandison
Drop the Beet
Director(s): Victoria Granof
Sculpt: Amanda
Director(s): Blythe Haaga
"Protest Photography" (short film)
Director(s): John Connor Hammond
"Staying" (short film)
Director(s): Chloe Hayward
"Cusp" (co-director; trailer for her feature documentary)
Director(s): Parker Hill
Vinted’s “Lucy” (commercial)
Director(s): Foley Ellis Ibidapo
The Gift
Director(s): Andrew Madsen Jasperson
"Breakdowns" (excerpt from TV series pilot)
Director(s): LJ Johnson
Vinted’s “Lucy” (commercial)
Director(s): Evan Ari Kelman
"Marcy Learns Something New" (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Julia Kennelly
Danger Daisy
Director(s): Rachel Knoll
Madeline The Person’s “Why I Broke Up With You” (excerpt from music video)
Director(s): Tess Lafia
KEEPER (trailer for short film)
Director(s): Maren Lavelle
Nenad, Who Plays Ping Pong
Director(s): Brandon Lavoie
Where are they Now? Brought to you by Members Only “The Sopranos”
Director(s): Michael Leary
Faerman Register Co. (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Kyle LeClaire
"In The Visible" (trailer for her short film)
Director(s): Natasha Lee
"The Wolf" (short film)
Director(s): Leah Loftin
The New Yorker's "The Right Question Changes Everything"
Director(s): Dave Maruchniak
Rock Cowboys
Director(s): Graham Mason
Director(s): Thessa Meijer
In The Campfire Light
Director(s): Samantha Michelle
Director(s): Rich Millard
The Seaa’s “See Us Now” (excerpt from branded content)
Director(s): Bethany Mollenkof
Bonobos’ “Put On Some Pants” (spec spot)
Director(s): Jeremy Nachbar
Nowness, British Council & BFI's "The Dream That Refused Me" (short film)
Director(s): Jabu Nadia Newman
Director(s): Jing Ai Ng
A New Day - GRiZ (feat. Matisyahu) (Official Music Video)
Director(s): Robert Nyerges
Director(s): Justyna Obasi
Raising Dion, “Issue 208: Who You Are” (episodic TV excerpt)
Director(s): Bola Ogun
Sending Memories
Director(s): Cody Mathieson Packer
Lil Yachty's "Love Music" (music video)
Director(s): Amber Park
"Fertile" (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Bianca Poletti
"Is it Over?" PSA
Director(s): Drew Pollins
Ebay’s “Dear Vanessa” (spec spot)
Director(s): Andrew Rhee
Gateway Film
Director(s): Dana Richie
"The Hideaway" (trailer for her short film)
Director(s): Jane Stephens Rosenthal
Wally Wenda
Director(s): Diane Russo
State Farm's "Everyone's Unique"
Director(s): Zack Seckler
Director(s): Aisultan Seitov
"Concrete Rose" (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Khalid Seña
Tribit - Unleash the True Sound
Director(s): Daniel Sorochkin
Director(s): Stephen Steelman
Argenx's "A Mystery to Me: Vanetta" (excerpt from short film documentary series)
Director(s): Ben Strang
SkinnyPop’s “Whole Bag Kinda Night” (commercial)
Director(s): Kimberly Stuckwisch
ESPN/Disney+'s "The Mandalorian" (branded tie-in promo)
Director(s): Emily Elizabeth Thomas
LA28’s “Surf x LA Olympics 2028” (commercial)
Director(s): Walter Thompson-Hernández
What If
Director(s): Jedediah Thunell
Silk City
Director(s): Mikko Timonen
It's Not Pizza, It's Crust
Director(s): Tourist (Mitch Green & Louis English)
McDonald’s “Fatherhood” (spec spot)
Director(s): Steven Tralongo
Amazon - Recruitment - Director's Cut
Director(s): Lacey Elizabeth Uhlemeyer
High Desert Cactus Vodka’s “The Spirit of the Desert” (branded content)
Director(s): Drew Vaughan
NERVE (trailer for short film)
Director(s): Clayton Vila
Patagonia’s “No Time To Lose” (spec PSA)
Director(s): Noah Wagner
Dodge’s “Baby Tricks” (spec spot)
Director(s): Robert E. Wagner
Vaseline’s “See My Skin” (commercial)
Director(s): Rog + Bee Walker
Gatorade’s “The Moment Possibilities Are Born (commercial)
Director(s): Wes Walker
Cakes Da Killa’s Visibility Sucks (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Miles Warren
Netflix's 'The Irishman' - Have You Seen Jimmy?
Director(s): Taylor Washington
In France Michelle is a Man’s Name
Director(s): Em Weinstein
Purple's "Life-Changing Sleep" (spec commercial)
Director(s): Grayson Whitehurst
Walmart’s Black & Unlimited, “The Truth About Life with Beleaf In Fatherhood” (episode of branded content series)
Director(s): Gabrielle Woodland
Can We Talk (excerpt from short film)
Director(s): Wukda
REI’s “#optoutside” (commercial)
Director(s): Courtney Sofiah Yates