2019 New Directors Videos

Dunkin's "Drag"
Director(s): Jess Coulter
CAMH Foundation's "Oxygen"
Director(s): Caitlin Cronenberg
Director(s): Mary Dauterman
Love, Gilda
Director(s): Lisa D’Apolito
Director(s): Bernd Faass
Laura Lémerveil
Director(s): David Findlay
GEICO's "Unexpected"
Director(s): Jonny Gentry
Shake With Me
Director(s): Zack Grant
Mercedes Benz's "Stuntman"
Director(s): Brian Hall
Director(s): Rachel Annette Helson
"Street Heroines" Trailer
Director(s): Alexandra Henry
Semester at Sea's "Learning to Swim
Director(s): Mackenzie Hilton
Dove's "My Beauty, My Say"
Director(s): Jose Ho-Guanipa
Director(s): Crystal Kayiza
Tinder's "Our Story"
Director(s): Emmett Kerr-Perkinson
Director(s): Ji Hyun Kim
Director(s): Nadav Kurtz
Adidas Originals' "Original Is Never Finished"
Director(s): Monty Marsh
BMW's "The Journey"
Director(s): Jonny Mass
Lexus' "The Art of the Dunk"
Director(s): Michael Medoway
Amazon Echo's "Get Answers Now"
Director(s): Tamika Miller
4 Corners
Director(s): Andre Muir
Ilegal Mezcal
Director(s): Jamieson Mulholland
Nike's "Behind the Design" (LAIKA Studio promo)
Director(s): Katie O’Grady
Director(s): Jane Qian
We Are the Daughters
Director(s): Ray Sisters (Austin and Westin Ray)
Wretch 32's "His and Hers (Perspectives)"
Director(s): Charlotte Regan
SimpliSafe's "The Perfect Security System"
Director(s): Alfredo Rodriguez-Allen
Oh Pep!'s "Tea, Milk, and Honey"
Director(s): Samantha Scaffidi
Accor/Fairmont Hotels' "9 1/2"
Director(s): Cuba Tornado Scott
Wolf & Shepherd's “Dress Shoes Like Sneakers”
Director(s): Dylan Trussell & David Dinetz
American Apparel's "Panarea"
Director(s): Dimitri Tsvetkov
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists
Director(s): Mikael Tyrsen
USA National Hockey's "Who We Are"
Director(s): Jake Zalutsky