Chasing Yesterday

CHASING YESTERDAY is a dramedy about a washed up twenty-something year old, the onetime hometown hero and track star, who is convinced by a local sweetheart to run a marathon and get his life back on track.
After running into trouble with the law, Junior (Eric Nelsen) is forced to meet with Father Ed (Steve Schirripa) for one on one therapy sessions. Haunted by the rumors that ruined his reputation, Junior tells the true story of his decline. 

Emily: A Piece of Me

Emily is a 14-year old living in the suburbs outside of Wigan, an industrial town in North-West England. She's never before had a creative outlet, until she was given a camera as a gift for her birthday. That camera became a window for her to view the world around her in new ways - seeing the beauty in both the mundane of her urban home and encouraging her to explore farther and wider to find places of creative expression. What we see is a teenager newly inspired to interpret the world.

Spotify's "Holding Hands" (online spot)

Created for Spotify #thatsongwhen campaign, Holding Hands is a short narrative about two young teens on their first date. Based on my own adolescence, the piece focuses entirely on hands, showing the dance that occurs as the couple works up the courage to be together. The spot was designed to remind people of the important musical experiences in their lives and inspire them to share their own stories on Spotify's custom campaign page.

Disney's "Soar"

Soar is a short film that follows a young girl on her fantastical journey as she soars through the air, dives under water and even swordfights a pirate to save her best friend and make it home in time to enjoy fireworks?