Disney's "Soar"

Soar is a short film that follows a young girl on her fantastical journey as she soars through the air, dives under water and even swordfights a pirate to save her best friend and make it home in time to enjoy fireworks? 

Breast Cancer Awareness' "Stare" (PSA)

David Johnston directed a PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness in an effort to motivate women and men to examine themselves. “Stare” asks us to reflect upon our bodies, by presenting a ghostly vision of a woman uncovered. It’s what’s underneath the skin, what we don’t usually see, that matters. The awareness raised in “Stare” is a powerful and vital message of self-examination.

Spotify's "Holding Hands" (online spot)

Created for Spotify #thatsongwhen campaign, Holding Hands is a short narrative about two young teens on their first date. Based on my own adolescence, the piece focuses entirely on hands, showing the dance that occurs as the couple works up the courage to be together. The spot was designed to remind people of the important musical experiences in their lives and inspire them to share their own stories on Spotify's custom campaign page.

The Weigh In

The Weigh In (2014) is a comedic short that punches out the expectations and stereotypes associated with sports films. From Rocky (1976) to Raging Bull (1980), the sport of boxing in particular has historically been portrayed as hyper-masculine profession. The Weigh In skillfully appeals to these generic patterns by opening with a dramatic training montage. However, all assumptions are soon shattered when the opposing boxers meet face-to-face and give in to their closeted desires. The Weigh In is a humorous and progressive film that is bound to entertain audiences at any venue.

Ally Zonsius

1) How did you get into directing?
I wanted to work in production and thought my only chance was to act. I didn’t have anyone to tell me otherwise for a long time. After wrapping my scenes on a movie, I asked if I could stay after and just help around set. I realized very quickly that the other side of the camera was far more comfortable. I tried out everything I could, casting, producing, AC-ing, AD-ing, and after taking a stab at directing some of my own projects, I felt the most happy doing just that.