Kepler X-47

A dystopian sci-fi film about a woman who is forced to adjust to a new life in a human zoo exhibit on an alien planet. One out of eight films selected to participate in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women.

Breast Cancer Awareness' "Stare" (PSA)

David Johnston directed a PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness in an effort to motivate women and men to examine themselves. “Stare” asks us to reflect upon our bodies, by presenting a ghostly vision of a woman uncovered. It’s what’s underneath the skin, what we don’t usually see, that matters. The awareness raised in “Stare” is a powerful and vital message of self-examination.

A New Man

After his wife leaves him, Charles starts the routine of having breakfast every morning at the same coffee shop in hopes of starting his life up again. One morning he is mistaken for somebody else, and instead of correcting the stranger, he assumes the role of the other person. This goes on for a number of subsequent occasions, each time allowing Charles to become somebody completely new. While this fleeting form of human contact is a deception, it allows him to fill the void in his life and feel connected—even when he finds himself in a life-endangering position.

Skeet Art

The Freise Brothers teamed with RPA to create this stunning spot for the Newport Beach Film Festival that captures the Festival’s ethos of “Know New Art.” The :95 in-theater promo follows an eccentric new-age punk and her butler through a black-and-white world as they prepare to shoot a round of skeet. However their clay pigeons have been replaced with color bombs that magnificently paint the sky. The spot was inspired by the Freise Brothers’ real-life experiences with desert shooting ranges, art, and punk rock.

The Weigh In

The Weigh In (2014) is a comedic short that punches out the expectations and stereotypes associated with sports films. From Rocky (1976) to Raging Bull (1980), the sport of boxing in particular has historically been portrayed as hyper-masculine profession. The Weigh In skillfully appeals to these generic patterns by opening with a dramatic training montage. However, all assumptions are soon shattered when the opposing boxers meet face-to-face and give in to their closeted desires. The Weigh In is a humorous and progressive film that is bound to entertain audiences at any venue.

Night Light

Jack Whiteley’s film ‘Night Light’ for Ronald McDonald House Charities aims to take everyone back to when they were small and afraid of something. To liken this fear to the fear a child may feel in hospital without their parents.
Jack shows the story of a little night light dog who’s best friend is ill in hospital, the night light is worried his friend may need comforting when he’s not there to do it.

The Conditioned

For its 10th anniversary, Facebook commissioned Already Alive to tell a powerful story — one of a homeless man in Brazil whose greatest passion in life is writing poetry and dream is to publish a book. Living on the streets made it an impossible dream. However, a series of unimaginable events take place that transform his life in dramatic ways. “The Conditioned” is an inspiring tale of the power of connection.