Duncan Wolfe

1) How did you get into directing?
My path into directing was perfectly accidental but in every way serendipitous. I’ve always had an interest in photography, art, and storytelling. At some point the need to make my own images overcame everything else I had considered professionally. Then one day somebody referred to me as a director.

That felt odd, and it still does. But I’ve been rolling with it ever since.

Robert Bianco

1) How did you get into directing? 
That’s a tough question. I believe it started when I began daydreaming for the first time. My mind wandered into exciting stories that I eventually wrote down and turned into short stories. Those short stories became short films and when I bought my first Sony camera in High School I knew I wanted to be a director.
2) What is your most recent project? 

Jefferson Stein

1) How did you get into directing?
I love stories. I think they are the most powerful tool we have for teaching and communication, and film uses the most tools available to tell a story. I like that there are many options to get a narrative element or an emotion across and getting creative on how to do that is exciting. But, I think I really got into directing the day I learned that movies aren’t real. Once I learned that people actually make them, I was hooked and wanted to try to emulate them.

Bianca Giaever

1) How did you get into directing?
I began in public radio, and during my last year of college I transitioned to turning my radio pieces into film. My filmmaking is still very rooted in my radio stories, and I always begin my process by making a radio story. Then I turn it into a film.

2) What is your most recent project?
A video series for This American Life called “Videos 4 U,” where we find someone who needs help saying something and make a video to help them say it. So basically we’re making video letters.

Ed McCulloch

1) How did you get into directing?
I started my career as a photographer shooting national print campaigns. Later I transitioned into directing.

3) What is the best part of being a director?
I love the collaboration, the problem solving and of course the storytelling.

4) What is the worst part of being a director?
Not being able to control the weather on shooting days!

Jack Whiteley

1) How did you get into directing?
After deciding not to pursue a career in more traditional art forms I enrolled on a practical filmmaking course at university where I initially took an interest in editing and sound design. However, I soon realized I had my own stories and ideas that I wanted to tell so when I finished studying I bought a 7D camera and started shooting and directing my own stuff. This eventually led me to getting signed to Rattling Stick where I now focus solely on directing which is very liberating.

Michael Marantz

1) How did you get into directing?
I just wanted to make films that made people feel strong emotions and would tell stories that impacted peoples lives in a positive way. I felt that I could do that, and so I went off and just began to make it happen. I didn’t think I was a director when I started several years ago, but eventually one of my wonderful friends, Daniel Mercadante, told me that is exactly what I doing, and so all of a sudden, I became a director.