Ally Zonsius

1) How did you get into directing?
I wanted to work in production and thought my only chance was to act. I didn’t have anyone to tell me otherwise for a long time. After wrapping my scenes on a movie, I asked if I could stay after and just help around set. I realized very quickly that the other side of the camera was far more comfortable. I tried out everything I could, casting, producing, AC-ing, AD-ing, and after taking a stab at directing some of my own projects, I felt the most happy doing just that.

Christian Sorensen Hansen

1) How did you get into directing?
Since I was born my parents worked in the ad world so growing up I would go to creative and client meetings with them.  We always had cameras laying around the house and I suppose directing for me first started with making skate videos with those camera.  I was probably 12 or so when I first picked up this big VHS camcorder.  From there it was like any good hobby turned serious—something that just grew naturally.  At a certain point it was all I could think about and I haven’t stopped making movies since.

Patrick Muhlberger

1) How did you get into directing?
When I was in high school, I managed to get my hands on a camera and some friends and I made a spoof of 8 Mile called 9 Kilometer. It’s probably the greatest/worst thing ever made, but I was hooked. Plus, my brother is an astrophysicist and I realized very early on that I wouldn’t be joining him in that career, so I leaned in to directing.