How did you get into directing?
We’ve always directed stuff. As kids, we used to use our parents camera to make fake tv shows. Then we began connecting with other people to direct different small projects. Every time we had an opportunity or a subject to work on, we would take it. If we were not working at our jobs, we were working on films. We often worked in pairs, so it happened naturally that we eventually gathered as a collective. That was our way of making it official that we were directors.

"JD" Joe Daniele

How did you get into directing?
I’ve been a “DP” for years, who works very closely with directors…..I found in tabletop shooting the “DP” and the director work as one. Cancer, lung cancer in particular, has taken the life of several members of my family, I wanted to do something to get the message out and this [spec spot] is what I came up with.

Michael Langan

How did you get into directing?
I first got excited about film directing when I realized that it combines all the media I love to work in: performance, photography, design, sound, and music. Then I specialized in animation when I discovered that you can be a total control freak. Making short films was a great way to break into directing, and I still create independent work in my spare time.

Bill Bruce

How did you get into directing?
Directing is something I could no longer not do. It isn’t a job. It’s always been a calling. So after years of listening to the constant ringing, I finally picked up the frickin’ phone.

What is your most recent project?
I wrote and directed a campaign for Save the Children. We filmed in Ethiopia and Bangladesh, which was both trying and inspiring.