How did you get into directing?
D.A.R.Y.L. is made up of Montgomery James and Edward Lovelace. We met at film school in England and moved to London to make no-budget music videos. We chose not to get real jobs and see if we could survive by taking 10 percent of 50 quid budgets. We continued with promos for a couple of years before embarking on shorts and commercials. We have just recently finished our first feature which is probably the first time we’ve been able to get our vibe across with no limitations.

Hiro Murai

How did you get into directing?
My interest in making movies started when my dad bought a camcorder. I originally wanted to be a painter but because I was also a tech geek, I was really intrigued by cameras. I made a bunch of shorts when I was in high school, and eventually enrolled in film school. Professionally, I started out as a DP for music videos and short films. I was shooting a lot for the production company Partizan, and eventually they offered me some directing opportunities—which I happily accepted.

Focus Creeps

How did you get into directing?
We went from spending a lot of time just nerd-ing out on every video/film format around to shooting music videos for friends. There were a million late nights, hundreds of feet of film and lots of sweat along the way leading up to rounding out last year with multiple videos listed on year’s best lists—as well as shooting pieces for major brands including Scion, Mountain Dew, Budweiser and Target.

Sam O' Hare

How did you get into directing?
In the UK I studied architecture, and taught myself computer graphics as I did that. I moved into architectural visualization and animation, and soon started shooting very visual effects heavy films for architects and developers, especially while at Uniform, in Liverpool. After moving to New York, I worked in visual effects for commercials, and started to direct them shortly afterwards.

Ian Allen Lim

How did you get into directing?
After high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I wandered around studying architecture, E.C.E. and I.T. but nothing seemed to fill the gaps. Then, I finally landed on a four-week intensive filmmaking workshop and my love for storytelling came to life. I enrolled in IAFT (International Academy of Film and Television) in Cebu, Philippines, and graduated with two awards, Excellence in Directing and Technical Excellence. Since then I try to direct and film as much as I can.