This is the 2017 NDS Reel

Robert Goldrich, Editor

Roberta Griefer, Editorial Director & Publisher

Welcome...SHOOT’s 15th annual New Directors Showcase—which was celebrated with an evening screening, panel discussion and reception on Thursday, May 25, at the DGA Theatre in New York City—offered a total of 35 up-and-coming helmers, filling 32 slots (29 individual directors and three duos).

The field included 10 freelance directors, an ad agency artisan, and filmmakers with backgrounds spanning such disciplines as writing, editing and cinematography.

The agency staffer was the mono-monikered Kiran who is with Innocean Worldwide in Huntington Beach, Calif. (though he does not have a production house affiliation). With roots as an agency art director, Kiran enjoyed a lengthy tenure at The Richards Group in Dallas, before moving West to Innocean where he says he gets the opportunity to “scratch my directorial itch.” He earned inclusion in the Showcase on the strength of an Organic Doggie Treats commercial titled “Unsullied.” 

Seeking roosts
Ten directors who made the Showcase cut are as of yet unaffiliated with a production company. They are:

—Monica Brady who was recognized for her short titled Epilogue.
—Colleen Davie Janes for the short film entry First Chair.
—Joel Dunn for the Apple spec piece “Commander”
—Diego Hallivis for a short film, The Laughing Man
—Jendra Jarnagin for Canon’s commissioned film titled Live Your Light
—Danielle Katvan for the short The Foster Portfolio
—Kelly Nygaard for the Ad Council web short What’s In Your Bag
—Jenn Shaw for an excerpt from her documentary $15 Kicks
—Carrie Stett for Kleenex’s online video “A Caring Chorus”
—Michael Wald for Sphero’s “BB-8” campaign.

Three duos graced this year’s Showcase: The Coles (Walker Cole and Sophie Cole) with production house Hey Wonderful, part of the RSA family of companies; Brandon Maxwell and Jessy Price of theCollectiveShift; and Mccoy | Meyer (Eric Mccoy and Justus Meyer) of Rodeo Show.

Mccoy | Meyer earned a Showcase slot for “Bowling/Basketball,” a comedy commercial for Reese’s Puff Cereal.

Maxwell and Price were recognized for fashion line Brandon Maxwell’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

And The Coles scored with a spec spot for Fiat called “Wingman.”

Writing, lensing, editing
Several of our Showcase directors have career roots in writing, including Matthew Michaud of Backyard (who’s in the Showcase for Iams’ web short Susan & Karma), Isaiah Taylor of Tilted Panda Productions (the U.S. Marines Corps’ spec piece “Dear Papa”) and the aforementioned Brady.

Among those who started as editors were Brandon Bray of ContagioiusLA (who made the Showcase grade with an excerpt from Bittersweet Foundation’s “Love Dad” web content) and Hallivis.

Others first established themselves as DPs, including  Charlie Mysak  of tinygiant (in the Showcase for directing Adaptoys’ “Play Without Limits” web short), Josh Franer of CoMPANY Films (excerpt from Ford’s online series This Built America) and Jarnagin.

Individual affiliations
Besides Bray, The Coles, Franer, Kiran, Maxwell and Price, Mccoy | Meyer, Michaud, Mysak, Taylor, the rest of the Showcase field affiliated with production companies consists of: Sergio Abuja of Carbo Films (excerpt from Intel’s “Drone 500” web content); Dan DiFelice of Biscuit Filmworks (excerpt from the short film Carved in Mayhem); David B. Godin of Autopilot: Off (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation’s Lancets of Hope web video); Kat Keene Hogue of goodstory films (excerpt from Lincoln Driven to Give’s “Meadows” web content); Yulin Kuang of Adolescent Content (Geena Davis Institute/Ford’s “She’s Got Drive”); Marcus Kuhne of Big Block (Reebok Spain’s “Burpee” commercial); Thomas Leisten Schneider of Kiss & Kill (excerpt from short titled Point and Shoot); Andrew Norton of Untitled Films, Toronto (excerpt from CBC Love Me podcast’s web short The Complexities of Love, in 13 Untranslatable Words); Anthony Pellino of LightHouse Films (Welcome to the Fempire, web content); A.V. Rockwell of Little Minx (Alicia Keys’ short film The Gospel); Roberto Serrini of Derby Content (excerpt of short, Unattended Baggage: A Love Story); Duncan Winecoff of Epoch Films (The Caron Foundation’s public service short Hand in Hand); and Christine Yuan of Knucklehead (excerpt from Lufthansa’s The Colors of Home web content).

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