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2022 Work

Harley Davidson’s “Bury the Noise” (commercial)

Director: Alec Basse

New York Festivals Advertising Awards’ “Judging Will Get You Heated” (promo video)

Director: Sheena Brady

The Innocence Project’s “Happiest Moments” (PSA)

Director: Ariel Ellis

Meta Quest 2’s “Untethered” (spec spot)

Director: Taylor Ellis

Madeline The Person’s “Why I Broke Up With You” (excerpt from music video)

Director: Tess Lafia

The Seaa’s “See Us Now” (excerpt from branded content)

Director: Bethany Mollenkof

Raising Dion, “Issue 208: Who You Are” (episodic TV excerpt)

Director: Bola Ogun

Ebay’s “Dear Vanessa” (spec spot)

Director: Andrew Rhee

High Desert Cactus Vodka’s “The Spirit of the Desert” (branded content)

Director: Drew Vaughan

Patagonia’s “No Time To Lose” (spec PSA)

Director: Noah Wagner

Gatorade’s “The Moment Possibilities Are Born (commercial)

Director: Wes Walker

Cakes Da Killa’s Visibility Sucks (excerpt from short film)

Director: Miles Warren

Walmart’s Black & Unlimited, “The Truth About Life with Beleaf In Fatherhood” (episode of branded content series)

Director: Gabrielle Woodland

Can We Talk (excerpt from short film)

Director: Wukda