Adaptoys' "Play Without Limits" (web short)

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Play is a universal connector—it improves quality of life, connects people emotionally and wards off stress and depression. But for the one in 50 people who face some form of paralysis, these experiences are difficult, if not impossible, and that inability to fully interact and play with their family can be a challenging barrier. Adaptoys is a crowdfunded initiative to marry groundbreaking technology with conventional children's toys, to ensure that those adults who have so often sat on the sidelines, can now be in the center of play.

Adaptoys was created with the help of Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and the short documentary that shows Adaptoys being used for the first time, focuses on Donna Lowich, a grandmother, and Eric LeGrand, an uncle. Lowich sends a baseball souring using a voice controlled pitching machine while LeGrand controls a race-car with just a tilt of his head, leaving his nephews in the dust. The film was an integral part of the crowdfunding campaign that insured further production of these life changing toys and helped raise awareness about paralysis.

The spot won a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2016 and it was one of Campaign's I&C Disruptors of the year 2017.