In The Campfire Light

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Sexploitation in Hollywood is as old as the industry itself, but in our sound-bite obsessed culture, we've extracted the complexity of the plague in favour of a social-media-friendly tag and a simplistic imposition of what is perhaps our most favoured dialectic - "good vs. evil."

I wanted to tell a story that embraced the grey, that illuminated the unsettlingly blurred space between light and dark, particularly as it relates to the business of stardom. By examining this perverse love affair, I hoped to paint a portrait of a female protagonist who is at once victim and vulnerable, active and engaged, enchanted by her desirable and desirous mentor, a man who abuses his power and influence.

What is that long walk to the hotel room? And why have we, as women, been willing to walk it? Yes, there may be supposed opportunity on the line, but why are we so bewitched by that promise? What happens to our sense of volition when under the influence of our dreams? Here, I wanted to weave the matter into our rearing, training and education, into the wide and rich tapestry of the American dream and its defining mythology of rags to riches by way of hard work; thereby begging an investigation of the danger of our addiction to success as it is seen through the eyes of others, as it lives on a stage, beckoning the approval of an audience.

With respect to style and approach - delicacy, subtly, and surprise were essential to me, as I know, first-hand, those elements are so often mirrored in events of exploitation. Discipline, determination, and passion - the 'good' - may become pawns for the talented lead us to the 'evil', and there-in lies the overlay - the grey. And so I aim to provoke a crucial and endless series of questions to which there are no answers to preach, but it is my hope that we wonder, we ask, and we share. As I believe that if we can swap our stories in spirit of community, as though we were indeed gathered round a campfire, telling of our adventures into the darkness, that together, through the sharing of narrative, we may stumble into the light.