Levi's "Beauty of Becoming" (branded content)

This year Oge co-created and directed her first brand campaign for Levi’s, called BEAUTY OF BECOMING, featuring a range of artists, activists, and athletes reflecting on journeys punctuated by both triumph and adversity. The series starred Naomi Osaka, Tremaine Emory, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Brandon Flynn, Leyna Bloom, Haben Girma, Dolores Huerta, Karla Welch, Angela Beyince, Xiye Bastida, Melody Ehsani, Carlos Montes, Melina Abdullah, and Aja Monet.The campaign centers on themes such as racial, gender, and sexual equality, climate action, and empowering people with disabilities. In the videos, each person is asked to share a piece of advice they’d give their 14-year-old selves, in an effort to celebrate how far they’ve come and how they got there.