Lifetime Pictures' "Welcome to the Fempire" (web content)

His latest work for Lifetime Pictures, Welcome to the Fempire, epitomizes Pellino’s powerful storytelling techniques by focusing on the upbringing and accomplishments of Ibtihaj Muhammad. An Olympic fencer and bronze medalist for Team USA, Ibtihaj was the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab in the Olympics. A part of Fempire, a Lifetime series that strives to celebrate women who break barriers and defy stereotypes within their respective fields, this short doc offers a look into the life of an athlete helping to mold a more accepting world for women everywhere. Pellino complements Ibtihaj’s insightful interview with beautiful cinematography ranging from a portrait of Ibtihaj placing a fencing mask over her hijab, to dynamic visuals of Ibtihaj in practice, illustrating Pellino’s drive, original approach, and ability to craft stories that consistently balance hyper-realism and authenticity.