Lullaby Lift

In lots of places in America, if you have a sleepless, crying baby, you can rock them to sleep by driving them around for a soothing car ride.  But what do you do if you live in one of those places where people don't drive? So we went to Brooklyn NY, a city where there are lots of parents with babies, but not a lot of parents with cars.  And we gave them a lift.  A Lullaby Lift. Brooklynites with sleepless, crying babies simply tweeted @Luvs #lullabylift, and one of a fleet of lullaby lifts were deployed to pick those families up and drive them around until their babies fell asleep.   And because parents can’t tweet for a Lullaby Lift every night, at the end of the ride, we provided those parents with new Luvs with Nightlock, so they and their babies would sleep through the night.   Over the two nights, many a Brooklyn family got a #Lullabylift and many more across the country participated online by sharing and liking the program on Twitter and Facebook.