Shake With Me

Shake With Me (32 min) is a documentary short film about Debra Magid, an artist and designer who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD) in 2012. In 2016, Debra agreed to let her son, Zack Grant, document on film the relationship between her art and her condition. What started as an exploration of Debra's growth as an artist in the face of Parkinson's Disease grew into a larger story of creativity, health, family and the will to cope.

Spanning two years of filming, Shake With Me takes viewers on an emotional and physical journey through the many facets of Debra's day to day life. Time and the unfolding realities of a degenerative disease dictate Debra's constantly evolving views on her diagnosis. Whether she is creating art in her studio, taking a boxing class specifically for PD patients, or talking about how PD has impacted her friends and family, Shake With Me presents a truly raw and honest look at what it's like for Debra to live, endure and succeed despite a life changing diagnosis and a future that is entirely unknown.