United States Naval Academy's "Freedom" (short film)

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The Integritas Project (www.integritasproject.com) is an ethical branding campaign utilizing cross platform brand immersion and multi media designed to motivate and inspire honorable choice in the decision making of future officers for the US Navy and Marines. This spot, one of eleven in the campaign, is entitled "Freedom" and follows a former POW Navy pilot from the Vietnam War, who having been shot down, spent 5 1/2 years isolated, imprisoned and tortured in the famed Hanoi Hilton, yet arose above the mean treatment of his captors by dedicating himself to a code of “returning with honor”. This inspiring and uplifting story follows him as he patiently rebuilds an old aircraft to fulfill his longtime dream of returning to the skies that he loves; evoking symbolic parallels between right choice and a fulfilling life.