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Kathleen Lorden | SHOOT New Directors Showcase Event
Kathleen Lorden

Kia Soul’s “Funeral”

Kathleen Lorden

How did you get into directing?
From an early age, I spent hours ‘storyboarding’ awkward mishaps and convincing teachers to let me hand in videos in lieu of papers.  But, it wasn’t until drawing class in college that I realized I couldn’t tell the complete story I wanted to in just one ‘frame.’ It was time to pursue my innate desire to direct!

What is your most recent project?
I recently finished a Reputation.com spot and am looking for my next project.  I’m eager to see what’s in store!

What is the best part of being a director?
Bringing an idea to life! I love exerting my vision by embracing and hopefully enhancing a concept. Nothing beats watching words on a page become images on screen!

What is the worst part of being a director?
The thought of not being a director!

What is your current career focus: commercials & branded content, TV, movies? Do you plan to specialize in a particular genre—comedy, drama, visual effects, etc.?
Commercials are my focus. With the encouragement of TWC Films I will continue to concentrate on work with a comedic bent.  Strong, simple concepts with great characters and memorable visuals.

Have you a mentor and if so, who is that person (or persons) and what has been the lesson learned from that mentoring which resonates most with you?
I’ve been privileged to work closely with legendary visionaries such as Oliver Stone and Nora Ephron. But, it’s my dad’s lessons in leadership that resonate most. He believes that you can succeed in any business by simply working hard and being nice.

Who is your favorite director and why?
I’m a big fan of artists with a both a visual and comedic sense, who can simultaneously incorporate subtly and heart.
This includes Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, the Cohen Brothers, and Tom Kuntz.

What is your favorite movie? Your favorite commercial or branded content?
The Graduate, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Wizard of Oz, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Back to The Future are a few of my favorite movies.
I loved last years’ DirecTV’s “Death by Cable” campaign and Canal+’s “The Bear.”

Tell use about your background (i.e. Where did you grow up? Past jobs?)
I’m one of four kids that was brewed in Rockford, IL.  My dad was a beer distributor and my mom was a homemaker.
After exhibiting artwork nationally, I pursued fine arts at the University of Wisconsin.  Working on countless commercials as an art director provided me with an excellent foundation for a career as a director. Which lead to me enrolling in the directing program at Art Center College of Design.
I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and won a game show. I’m also fond of Halloween, my daily planner, and exclamation points!