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Cuba Tornado Scott | SHOOT New Directors Showcase Event
Cuba Tornado Scott

Accor/Fairmont Hotels’ “9 1/2”

Cuba Tornado Scott

RSA Films

1) What was your first professionally directed work and when was it?

The first project I directed was a branded short film titled 9 1/2 for Fairmont Hotels. We shot last August in San Francisco and it was premiered at TIFF later in 2018.

2) How did you get into directing?

Up until the point of Fairmont, I had never wanted to direct or become involved in film. However the opportunity revealed a big part of myself I suppose I had always been in denial of. My formative years were driven by my family’s passion for film, there’s no doubt that this has had seminal influence on my instincts now as a director.

3) What is your most recent project?

I thought directors weren’t supposed to tell!

4) What is the best part of being a director?

The best part of being a director is the potential that the “job” gives anyone to forge a link onto the great chain of storytellers and myth-makers of the world. The ability to represent myth outside of the reality which it exists in (the human psyche) and build stories around them.

6) What is your current career focus: commercials and branded content, TV movies? Do you plan to specialize in a particular genre–comedy, drama, visual effects, etc.?

I just turned 21. Most of the information that I interact with is shared amongst peers on a story line via Instagram or some other social platform. Are these commercials? Branded content? Comedy? The way we influence each other these days is undefinable, the way we influence brands is undefinable. I’m in the undefined territory, it is where my generation feels most comfortable.

10) Tell us about your background (i.e., where did you grow up? Past jobs?)

I grew up in Los Angeles. I’ve been paid to model, draw storyboards, cook meals for large groups of people, PA on set, competed show jumping horses internationally and still, I’ve never had a job.


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