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Angela+Ithyle | SHOOT New Directors Showcase Event

Stole Your Heart


How did you get into directing?
We both started out as still photographers. On a basic level we are just story tellers. We found that live action is just another fantastic way to tell a story, and we get to mix in a bunch of fun tools like music, and movement. There are so many magical things that can be done, and ways to reach so many people. Really, we just want to spin tales, and whatever medium we can use to do that, we will.

What is your most recent project?
We have so many projects swirling around in our heads. Right now we are really keen on a music video art piece that we’ve just begun. It’s great to collaborate with artists and clients that will let you stretch your legs artistically, and we are really fortunate to be working with people like that right now.

What is the best part of being a director?
We love working with people that are excited about what they do, and excited to make something special. We feel so lucky every day to be around people who inspire us with their creativity and dedication, and I think that is the best part about this career.

Have you a mentor and if so, who is that person (or persons)
and what has been the lesson learned from that mentoring which resonates most with you?

We learn so much from so many amazing people. The common thread that we understand from all of our mentors is to create with boldness, and without apology.